Introductions are in Order :)

As you can see from the title my name is Desiray Pickard. I’m starting this blog to share my journey through life. I hope to give advice through my writing. Transitioning from pen to paper to a blog can be a little overwhelming. So, as I make this journey I hope for kind words and constructive criticism. I’ve never had confidence in my writing and I hope that will change.

I was born in a little town called Corbin, Kentucky. I had a small family growing up. My mom, dad, and my brother.

(My mother in the top photo. My dad in the left bottom photo and my brother in the right bottom photo. These were taken at one of my birthday parties when I was a kid. Always Halloween themed for an October baby!)

My life was pretty normal until my mother was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma when I was around 7 years old. Then life went on a downward spiral for awhile. She passed away when I was 14 years old. The impact of losing a parent or anyone so close is devastating. This changed my whole life.
My father was my best friend. I was always a daddy’s girl. I was always right behind him trying to do whatever him and my brother were doing. To say I was a tomboy would be an understatement.

Me and my big brother are 6 years apart. I thought he was so cool and wanted to tag along with him and his friends all the time. That usually didn’t happen, lol.

I had quiet a few bumps on the journey to where I am today. I met the love of my life in high school. We have been together since August of 2009 and married since September of 2013. I’m so grateful for this wonderful man, and his family. Without them I don’t know where I would be.

(Our wedding day.)

I went to college to become a Certified Pharmacy tech, which isn’t required (insert eye roll). Now, I spend my days making IVs. I will hopefully one day pursue a career as a nurse, but we will see what happens. Until then I will be enjoying my adventures with my husband, family, and fur baby!

(My Lunalove)

I hope you enjoy my posts and find some of them useful. Here’s to us becoming friends!

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