Coffee In a Small Town

The weekdays are always hectic and can put me in a funk. I love using the weekend to wind down and get a breather before the week starts up again. In the last few years Corbin has started adding Amazing little things to the downtown area. My friend and I make a point to meet up at least once a week and go get coffee here at You & Me Coffee and Tea. The atmosphere is so welcoming. We can sit in here and talk for hours (we usually do.) This past visit I got a chai tea and some avocado toast. My friend got a bourbon latte and mixed berry pancakes. (Both orders pictured above.)

I haven’t always loved living in a small town, but there is something nice about walking into a local business and seeing familiar faces. The staff here are wonderful. The shop has a sort of hipster vibe to it. There are shelves with old board games that you can pull out and play on one of the family style tables or sit in a circle on one of the couches or chairs. It has local photographers photos of Corbin hanging on the walls and some eccentric art work done by locals as well. They have a huge selection of coffee and loose leaf teas. When it starts to get warmer they have live music every weekend and the bands are usually local as well. It’s almost like a family. We are all different but come together over a cup of coffee, tea, or what have you. In a world so big sometimes it feels good being small.

3 comments on “Coffee In a Small Town

  1. If this is Corbin, KY, I am especially pleased to see it. Appalachia deserves lots more love than it has seen over the past five decades. Out here, in Prescott, AZ, the number of great coffee shops, in all parts of town and in neighbouring communities, is proliferating. I have three favourites and have just discovered a fourth.

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